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The Experts Guide to What You Can and Can’t Put in a Skip

Whether you’re moving house, just having a clear out or disposing of garden waste, hiring a skip is often the easiest and most affordable way to remove large quantities of rubbish from your home.  

Skip hire is convenient and flexible and there are a range of skip sizes that you can have delivered to your location. Once you’re done the skip will be taken away by the skip hire company and taken to landfill.  

Sounds simple, right? It is but it’s important to understand that not everything can be put in a skip. There are limitations to what can be disposed of in a skip because some waste can be hazardous to the environment.  

Your skip provider will generally provide you with a list of things which cannot be put in the skip but we advise you check out our guide below before requesting your skip hire quote.  


What can you put in a skip?

The good news is that most of the things you probably want to dispose of will be in this list.

Skips can be filled with a variety of items such as:  

  • Soil and rubble
  • Tiles and bricks
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Textiles
  • Clothing items
  • Furniture
  • Astro Turf, carpet, underlay and rubber matting
  • General garden waste
  • Baths, sinks and toilets
  • General household junk (books, toys, garden tools)
  • Metal items (bikes, beds etc.)


What can’t you put in a skip?

There are certain items that are restricted because they are considered hazardous. These should be disposed of appropriately at your local council run Household Waste Recycling Centre. 

The following items can NOT be put in a skip: 

  • Asbestos
  • Gas cylinders
  • Medical and chemical waste
  • Fuel
  • Tyres

If what you want to dispose of doesn’t feature on either of these lists, it’s best to contact a skip hire company ahead of booking to ensure that your needs can be catered to.  


How much can you put in a skip?

There are weight limits when it comes to skip hire but the restrictions are rarely an issue. The limits depend on the size of the skip you choose and the skip company providing the service.  

The restriction that you should be more aware of is the height. Most skips have the expressions ‘Level Loads only’ written on the side of the skip. meaning you should not fill your skip above the height of its sides.  

If you exceed this height the skip lorry driver can refuse to collect the skip or ask you to empty out the additional items before taking it. Overloaded skips are dangerous to transport and therefore the height restrictions should be taken seriously.  

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If you have any other questions about skip hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch


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