Charity House Clearance

In the UK, several charities offer house clearance services. To be clear, as far as we are aware, no charity offers a free house clearance service. However, they will offer to take selective items for free. These items, however, need to be perfect—no scratches, old technology, or flat-pack furniture. The days of offloading onto a charity are gone.

You may be surprised, but it all comes down to economics or money!

It costs to send a van and two people to lift and shift your stuff. Also, these days, charities are offered so many donations that they can afford to be very selective with what they take.

For example, the British Heart Foundation offers a paid-for house clearance service.

British Heart Foundation House Clearance

Prices at the time of writing start at £400. The charity will come and visit your property and asses what items they can and cannot take. They will then email you a quote. Payment is expected in advance, and you can then secure a date for clearance. This can often be several weeks in advance of the clearance date. They are unable to provide clearances at the weekend.

What items don’t they take?

There are certain items the BHF will not take due to legal health and safety reasons:

oil/chemicals/medical waste


petrol/fuel/petrol machinery


gas/compressed bottles

building materials

garden waste

insect/vermin infected items.

How does this differ from a House Clearance Company such As Away With IT?

When we carry out a house clearance, we don’t decide on the quality of items. We aim to clear the entire property or select items based on your requirements. If we find items of good enough quality, we will donate them to charity, but it is becoming harder to do so every day.

We use licensed waste disposal companies who typically recycle between 80 and 95% of all waste.

What items will we take that most Charities don’t?

Building materials

Garden waste

Insect/vermin infected items.

Furniture that doesn’t have a fire-resistance label

Why is Charity House Clearance Not A Great Choice?

In an ideal world, charity house clearance would work. However, there are problems, and we are hearing about them more and more.

1) Charities have become very selective in what they will and won’t take. Furniture is required to be perfect. Even the slightest mark can mean they won’t take the furniture

2) Not all charities take the same things—this is very much a case of which charity is close to you, how far they will travel, and what they will and won’t take.

3) Delays – Charities get booked up, and often, you can’t get a collection when you want, particularly on the weekends or in the evenings.

4) Fire Safety – If it doesn’t have a fire safety label, charities will not take it


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