How to Prepare Your Garden for the Spring

Spring is almost here, and with it will come warmer weather and a blossoming garden. But before we can enjoy our gardens again, there are a few steps to take to tidy up after the long winter and ensure our garden is ready for spring. Below are our top tips for what you should do to prepare your garden for the springtime.

Clean and Sharpen Tools

Your first step will be to assess your tools and see what might need cleaning, sharpening, or replacing. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your tools will not only keep them working as they should but will also prevent bacteria and disease from being spread around your garden.

Clean your tools with hot water and scrub with a stiff brush or wire to remove any soil. Sharpen and apply natural oils to the metal to keep them in good condition.

Remove Weeds

Your first step is to go over the garden and remove any weeds. The most efficient way to do this is hand-weeding, pulling out the entire plant. This will stop any roots from remaining underground which can regrow into new plants. You should also aim to get rid of weeds when they’re young, so they don’t have a chance to spread or develop wider roots. It can be better to weed before the Spring, when the soil is moist, as it will be easier to ensure the whole plant is removed.

Prune Plants and Hedges

Before your plants start to regrow in the Spring and after the frosts have passed, you should cut back plants, bushes and hedges to make room for the new shoots. As well as pruning, you should clear up any dead leaves, stalks and branches that have fallen to the ground. If left, bacteria can develop which can infect your plants with diseases when they begin to grow again.

Clean Your Garden Furniture

The winter weather can really take a toll on our garden furniture. You should take this opportunity to get it cleaned up again and ready for action in the spring and summer months. Plastic furniture can easily be cleaned with hot soapy water and a sponge to get it looking good as new. Wooden furniture will need a wood-appropriate cleaner followed by an oil to seal and protect it. You’ll need to leave the oil to dry properly, so if you don’t have a shed or garage big enough to store the furniture whilst the oil dries, wait until there’s some dry weather forecast.

You should also sweep and clean your patio or decking, removing any debris and algae that might have built up over the winter. If you have plant pots, give these a going over too to get them looking fresh again.

Remove Pests

It’s best to get on top of pest control well before you want to start growing again in the Spring. Snails and slugs can sometimes be found hibernating in your plants and can be disposed of. You should check under leaves for bugs and also check your compost for white vine weevil larvae. Get rid of what you find and use an appropriate pest control treatment if required.

Prepare Beds

Before planting season begins, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space to plant. So, take the time now to build new garden beds and planters. If you already have flower beds, clear them out of any debris and plants that are no longer viable. Most organic matter can be put into your compost but be careful not to include any weeds as this can cause problems later on – instead, ensure weeds are properly disposed of by burning them or putting them in the garden waste. Rake the soil to improve air flow and add topsoil, compost or fertiliser to ensure it’s workable and ready for planting.

Plan Your Planting Calendar

Once your garden is prepared, you’re ready to start planning your planting calendar and buying seeds. Decide what plants you’ll want in your garden this year, how much space you have, and what month each type of seed will need to be planted to ensure proper growth. Planting too late could mean the plant doesn’t mature properly, whereas planting too early can cause problems if the temperature isn’t right for optimum growth. By planning out your planting calendar, you can ensure your garden blooms beautifully.


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