House Clearance: Clear your home and clear your mind

“Bottom line is, if you do not use it or need it, it’s clutter, and it needs to go” – Charisse Ward

House Clearance | Away With It | 0208 504 3790House clearance and decluttering are popular topics at the moment; with TV shows such as The Hoarder Next Door and How Clean is your House? proving immensely popular. Getting rid of junk and clutter from your home is not only therapeutic, but it creates a far more pleasant home environment and can even add significant value to your home if you are looking to sell up.

If you’re feeling daunted by the scale of the task or simply don’t know where to start, do not fear! Here are five simple steps to get you going:

  • Plan: Yes, I know it sounds basic, but you’ll be surprised what a difference planning can make. If you’re afraid of letting stuff go, subconsciously prepare yourself by taking some time to write a list and organize your clutter. That way you can decide what really does need to be thrown away and what can be kept. You’ll be surprised how ruthless you can be!
  • Love that clean space: This is an easy one, as it doesn’t actually involve throwing anything away. Designate a space you use every day that needs decluttering, give it a thorough tidy, take a step back and love that space. It’s a rewarding feeling, and you’ll soon learn to hate clutter!
  •  Would you buy it today: So much clutter is stuff bought ages ago that has just been sitting there unused and unloved for years. Take a look. So much clutter is old, broken, unloved and obsolete. If you saw it in a shop today, would you buy it? If the answer is no, it’s time to get rid.
  • Get a fresh perspective: One of the greatest obstacles to decluttering is the sentimental value that can often get attached to even the most useless and mundane items. Get an outside perspective – invite a friend, colleague or neighbour over for a completely objective opinion. They will attach no sentimental value to your clutter, and can help you get rid of even your most cherished junk.
  • Don’t keep it out of guilt: This is a really important one, as I know how hard it can be to get rid of that well-meaning gift from a friend or relative that you have just never used, and instead is just sitting there gathering dust and taking up space. If you’ve had it long enough to know you’re never going to use it, the chances are the person who got it for you probably isn’t going to care if you throw it away.

Decluttering can be exhausting both mentally and physically, and this is where Away With It is your best friend. Once you’ve sorted out the bits you want to throw away, get the kettle on, put your feet up and give us a call on 0208 504 7390. We offer Essex house clearance and across the Essex and London areas. We take everything from kitchen appliances to old books and videos, doing all the hard work and heavy lifting so you can sit back, relax and make the most of all that new space! Contact us to speak to our team about how we can help clear your home. 

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