Find Reliable Local Builders Rubbish Removal

It was only a decade or so ago that we saw many business owners dump rubbish outside their premises and on street curbs, waiting to be collected by local bin collectors and treasure seekers. As times have changed, so has the process of waste disposal. With rising pollution levels and growing recycling concerns, it is now more important than ever before to dispose of unwanted items with licensed builder’s rubbish removal. Numerous companies around the UK will offer these services, which will not only prevent you from getting fined for fly-tipping but also, will relieve you of the hassle associated with transporting bulky items. So how do you go about finding a reliable builders rubbish removal service in your local area?

What Businesses Require Rubbish Removal?

Commercial waste collection is a service that is much higher in demand than domestic waste collection, because businesses tend to accumulate more waste than homeowners. Premises that are used mainly for business or trade purposes will become dangerous when industrial and agricultural waste gathers. All business owners are expected to organise for the collection of waste as a duty of care. Failure to do so could result in legal action being taken against the company so to sum up, every business requires rubbish removal! Smaller shops can consider their rubbish as municipal waste, which will be dealt with by local authorities.

Types of Accepted Materials

Not all materials will be accepted by rubbish removal specialists, particularly hazardous waste, such as asbestos and pesticides. It’s wise to learn about what is accepted and what is not to avoid delays and additional charges when waste collection day comes. The most frequently accepted materials include:

  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Textiles
  • Clothes
  • Plastics
  • Biodegradable waste
  • Metals

Understanding what waste you are producing at your business is important, due to the fact that it has a serious impact on the environment. Check out the Renewable Energy Association‘s website to find out what rubbish removal companies are members.

Free Estimates and Costs

Set aside some time to compare the cost of commercial waste collection services ahead of hiring a company. Price will be affected by a few factors, such as where you are located, how much waste needs to be collected and the type of rubbish. The majority of rubbish removal and recycling companies will provide their customers with free estimates and the more specific you are when describing what needs to be done, the more accurate you can expect this estimate to be. Greenhouse gases, also known as GHG’s, will be produced when waste is disposed of, which is why rates will increase based on volume.

Does the Company Offer Recycling Services?

This is a question you really need to ask the rubbish removal company because if they don’t take unwanted items and materials to a waste management facility, your carbon footprint will grow. How, you ask? Well, materials that are not recycled will be dumped on landfills, resulting in rising pollution levels. When recycling services are offered you can gain peace of mind that energy is being saved, because recycling eliminates the need to use raw natural resources for the manufacturing of everyday things.

Loading and Unloading Business Waste

If you were to load and unload waste without professional assistance, you may be required to obtain a permit. Waste management, collection and disposal can cause a public health and safety hazard, and will only be permitted for 40 minutes on single and double yellow lines. This is why it is advisable to hire professional help. Waste can be collected at a destination that is suitable for you when you pay for rubbish removal services, so there is no need to worry about potential business disruptions.

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